Ed Eisenstein, CEO of United Network Associates, Inc 

Thank you for your visit to the Ed Eisenstein Webpage.   Ed Eisenstein of Nassau County, New York has lead in technology innovation with extensive IT management experience. 

From Government Chief Information Officer to Director of Network Solutions, Ed delivers the results that improve efficiencies and save money.  The results of this work have lead to significant operational improvements for government organizations and Corporate clients in the New York Metro region for the past 23 years and counting.  

When an organization calls on Ed Eisenstein, they receive logical and effective technology solutions, policies and services empowering that organization with properly working tools.   In 2018, network security and the user experience have grown to clash and create multiple layers of problems.  Hiring the right IT management specialist puts that organization on the right path to where users have what they need and the network is properly secured.

8 years as Commissioner of Information Technology (Chief Information Officer) in Nassau County, New York

Appointed as Commissioner of IT (CIO), reporting to the Nassau County Executive as senior policy manager and operations leader.

Operated as the final signatory of all IT contracts and purchases for technology deployed at all county departments on the county network.

Successfully lead the department from January 2010 to December 2017 in modernizing hundreds of legacy systems, reducing the department operating costs by 25%, and rightsizing the union titles in technology for the region. 

15 years in corporate Information Technology management and leadership 

Client engagements primarily include companies and governments in the NYC Metro area and Long Island region but also participated in nationwide projects and internationally for clients with business extensions oversees.  

Manage all Aspects of the clients IT needs from the network, licensing, servers, software and 3rd party vendor relationships

Working as a partnership with the internal IT personnel to implement cybersecurity measures and complicated server requirements.

Acting as the outsourced CIO or management consultant to assist in strategic business decisions around technology purchases

Hired by companies to manage technology for process improvements and automation of legacy systems

Cybersecurity Expertise with a Holistic Management Style 

Certifications received by Homeland Security, FEMA and DHS in cybersecurity essentials and community awareness. 

Hosted 4 years of Cyber-security tabletop exercises with Homeland Security to train and exercise Cybersecurity attacks and perform simulations of responses in teams.

During the 2016 Presidential elections, functioned as the Nassau County Board of Elections Liaison to the FBI and Homeland Security 

Hired by hundreds of Organizations to assess and test their cybersecurity stance and create or adjust policy according to their compliance requirements

Clients gain detailed review of Internet access reports and user access trends with recommendations of operational policy to assure maximum data security.