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Ed Eisenstein, CEO 

 Information Technology management since 1995

Ed Eisenstein has been a technology leader since the mid 90’s and has designed, consulted, procured, implemented, upgraded and administered multi-user computer networks for thousands of clients and organizations.  

Mr. Eisenstein implemented his first 1M dollar network in 1993 to 1994 for Smithtown school district.  This was Ed’s first large Technology  Implementation where a computer network was implemented in most classrooms around the district at the time.  ” I am exceptionally proud of that installation because of the active use of technology in that district.  This implementation burst these students far into the technology future”, said Ed Eisenstein.

In 1996, Ed partnered with a few associates and started his first IT company called Frontline Technologies, in Farmigdale where computer networks and Microsoft email systems were first being implemented.

After Y2K, Ed had used the profits of his Computer Company sale to his partners to fund a recording studio where Ed recorded a number of music albums for local artists called Unfold Studios.  A Number of artists went on to become full time music professionals.

Ed Eisenstein soon returned to the Information Technology field out of love more than necessity and joined a company that was part of a technology incubator in 2001.  Technology incubators on Long Island was a growing field and a number of tech incubators popped up made up of regional technology experts working together on larger initiatives.   Ed joined the Listnet.org technology incubator in Bethpage that was funded in a Bethpage college at the time.

Ed Eisenstein went on to lead the network Services division for Rent-A-PC, Inc. for 4 years from 2003 to 2006, a national technology company supplying Technology to trade shows nation wide.    The Need for Microsoft Exchange Server upgrades were a driving need for Microsoft e-mail system integration. 

Successful projects also  included large Network relocations for SmartMoney magazine and SMSC as well as Large Hardware recycling projects for local school districts.  in 2007, Rent-A-PC, inc was acquired by Smart Source, a trade show management company.

Ed Eisenstein went on to partner with a Wireless transport company in Plainview.  This was a short lived experience, since the owner died in a car accident a few months into the partnership.  Ed Eisenstein managed and lead that Wireless Internet Business into a purchase by a larger entity.  Diligently working with the surviving staff, Ed scouted and found interested parties to purchase the business that was ultimately sold to Rainbow Wireless, circa 2007.

Ed Eisenstein then re-established the corporation called United Network Associates, Inc. around June of 2006 and integrated senior network administrators into the practice.

Ed Eisenstein was then hired as the Chief Information Technology Officer for Nassau County from 2010 to 2018 and made all senior technology decisions for the county in that time.  In 2018, a new administration replaced Ed with his deputy commissioner and Ed returned to United Network Associates Inc.

IT Management experience in large government and corporate business

Ed Eisenstein is hired as Chief Information Officer and Chief Technology Officer for your organization.  Clients work with Mr Eisenstein to assist in making senior hiring decisions on technology and technology personnel when technology investments are made.  Maximizing the use of the new investment and minimizing cost while optimizing efficiency is an art Ed Eisenstein has practiced for many years.

8 years experience as Chief Information Officer for Nassau County

Ed Eisenstein was sworn in by the Nassau County Legislature in March of 2010 and lead as CIO for the county for 8 years.  As senior decision makers, Ed set policy and lead the county in significant operational improvements by automating manual processes and introducing agile software development.

15 years experience as IT management specialist helping companies in the region

Ed Eisenstein started in the mid 90’s with early successes in large network projects for Schools and banks in the Region.  Ed Eisenstein has grown with each clients and project to bring a complete and comprehensive consultation to the clients he works with today.

IT management and Leadership expertise in hiring IT techs and staff management

Ed Eisenstein has the experience to lead technology teams of different sizes.  As the CIO for Nassau county, Ed lead a team of approx 150 staff and consultants.

During Ed’s tenure, the IT titles and the methods of hiring were improved and re-configured to meet todays modern technology hiring descriptions

Ed worked closely with the unions, hired new staff, and eliminated any issues or legal action between consultants and staff

IT Strategist and Planning Specialist

Ed Eisenstein uses his years of experience and catalogue of partnerships to offer professional technology consulting to organizations in need of maximizing the technology investment.

Consultations range from a few hours of review and advise to multi-week engagements to plan and optimize the technology to meet a particular need.

Ed Eisenstein is an Information Technology Management Specialist:

  • IT Strategy and Planning
  • Cloud Computing
  • Cyber-security and IT Security
  • Managed Services and IT Outsourcing
  • Technology road mapping
  • Optimize Performance
  • Augmented IT Staffing
  • Resolution to Network Disputes
  • Team and Organization Leadership:
  • Breakthrough was in organizing a 17,000 applicant police test successfully on Ipads instead of paper in jan 2018
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  3. ed@unatechnical.com