UNA – A Full Service IT Company

United network associates is a full service IT company called a managed service. UNA Provides high-level IT engineers as well as a customer service oriented IT help desk service.  The deep understanding of infrastructure and security sets UNA apart from the competition.

UNA has the experience to help clients with a strategic plan to take full advantage of the technology in your operation. With even a little bit of UNA planning help, clients gain significantly more efficiency when implementing technology correctly.

Professional IT Solutions come with high level cybersecurity services. Versed in network vulnerability assessments and penetration tests, UNA provides a cost effective monitoring services where network analysis tools are configured to closely inspect and report errors on critical network infrastructure, servers, software or devices.

Engineers and support staff react to these alerts and proactively engage equipment and third party vendors to regain normal operations from system failure or cyber-attacks.

At UNA, the president and senior consultant has enterprise experience as cio for nassau county for 8 years serving as senior technology executive and policy maker, reporting to the county executive.

The senior network engineer has 19 years of professional senior technical experience supporting enterprises in manufacturing, logistics and distribution.

Help desk and technical Support technicians are friendly and helpful and will remote into your computer quickly to resolve your problem.  Fast on-site support is offered when remote assistance cannot be established.  YOUR downtime is our problem.

All remote sessions are securely connected and all remote sessions are recorded.

UNA works with a large pool of partners to provide a comprehensive technology solution to businesses and local governments.  UNA has relationships with many technology services that assist when clients have specific needs.

Current partnerships such as with Microsoft, Sonicwall, Cisco, Amazon bring superior products to UNA clients that are highly reliable and effective.

UNA has operated in long island since the mid 90’s and understand the local business community as well as its governments.

Available for questions.  ed@unatechnical.com

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