DarkWeb Scan. What is that?

Is your companies data already sold on the dark web?

The dark web, as the name suggest, is the hidden, dark side, of the Internet. Often behind cryptic addresses and only reachable via vast encrypted networks lays a world of political forums, questionable images, sites who’s members seek privacy as well as outright criminal marketplaces where people happily trade guns, drugs and stolen items as well as information.

When businesses are being compromised, their data often is being offered to the highest bidder on dark web auctions or sold in bulk for a fee. Many businesses find out that their network had been hacked, with help of information, obtained on the dark web, where it had been up for sale for weeks or months. If they would have known, preventive measures, would have prevented the disaster.

Do you know if your data is already being traded on the dark web? Passwords and personal information of employees are the most commonly traded items.

Recently former Nassau county chief information officer and now private Cybersecurity expert Ed Eisenstein, has introduced a sophisticated monthly service that scans the dark web continuously for hints, that point towards your business and alerts you immediately once compromising information is being found. This service, available for less than 35 cents per day, is a must have in the tool belt of every security aware business and should be the minimum line of awareness that is being build. For more information check: https://www.unatechnical.com

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